10 Thoughtful Memorial Gifts for Someone Who Recently Lost a Dog

Training | Dec 05, 2018

  Losing a loved one near the holidays can be especially difficult. If you or a loved one have recently lost a beloved pet, we hope these gift ideas can bring comfort. Every purchase of these items provides a donation for a cause in memory of t...

10 Jobs For Working Breed Dogs Even If You Don’t Live On A Farm

Training | Dec 05, 2018

While some dogs are content to sit on your lap and look cute, working breeds have a different agenda. These are the dogs that are bred to hunt, herd, retrieve, and detect. They were born with an urge to work, and when they’re bored they tend t...

How to Stop My Puppy Biting

Training | Dec 04, 2018

This is the most common mistake people make with puppy mouthing, chewing and biting. After reading this you'll probably never think of puppy training advice that you hear from others the same way. Hopefully you'll look at it all through your p...